The easiest way to connect data

nexyo is a Vienna based data-sharing software company founded in 2020. We enable connected data to flow in networks. Thereby, we strongly believe in building data ecosystems and shaping a data-driven economy. We are a young team with a big vision: Redefining data sharing.

Our Mission​

What we believe in
We believe that we can develop a solution that enables data ecosystems. Everything we do we believe to change the status quo - to change the way data is shared. We believe that we can create a new reality. A reality in which data is connected and creates value and innovation. A reality in which data becomes an ecosystem.

The team behind nexyo

One mission connecting great minds
We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds.
Andreas Krimbacher
Lisa Höllbacher
Andreas Huber
the nexyo team
the core of nexyo

Our Foundation

Living an ecosystem approach we developed a modular system which is interoperable with other systems.
Interoperability. We are conform to the european Gaia-X initiative and IDSA reference architecture as well as IDS certification.
Modularity. We are building on a step by step approach which brings value in each part. Whether used only internal or also external - each part brings its own benefit.

Let's start your ​data driven future

Get in touch with our team and let’s talk about how to boost your data-driven future! Explore the opportunities with nexyo and get to know our best business examples and discuss your individual step-by-step roadmap.