Agile Data Governance

Your data is always changing, and your data governance process needs to change at the same speed - if it doesn’t, it’s not agile. Existing data governance frameworks are simply not designed in an agile way. As a result, the data governance policies that many organisations use are not able to keep pace with the fast-changing process of data sources, storage solutions, and analytics tools.​ An agile data governance policy is one that is flexible enough to accommodate a range of different data processing, storage, and analytics workflows - nexyo can help you implementing this.

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Create your own data network

Data sharing and connecting is not only a business outside your company. Data silos within your company decrease productivity by up to 75%. Create an internal biosphere, an ecosystem encapsulated for your purpose and usage. It is not necessary to change the data governance of your departments – just make it agile. Synchronize the data governance on a virtual hub – no need to change processes with agile governance for the whole company at the same time. Start your internal data biosphere today!​

Internal virtual Data Hub​

Creating a virtual datacenter for better data management.
nexyo software is totally scalable and modular, so you can combine and cascade several hubs together to create virtual hubs so-called biospheres. Combining departments with virtual data hubs to a virtual data center means that it is as easy as click and drop to create centralized, customer-orientated data portals. This is an easy way to manage, govern and share data within your company.​

Data Supply Management​

Understanding the business or activity that your data project is part of is key to ensuring its success and the first phase of any sound data analytics project.
To motivate the different actors necessary to get your project from design to production, your project must be the answer to a clear organizational need. Supplying projects with a whole data supply chain and monitor it on his lifecycle is one of the key elements of nexyo data hub and data network.​

Data Pooling and Data Circles​

Collaboration is the new workforce in our daily business.
Mixing and merging data from as many data sources as possible is what makes a data project great. One of the biggest mistakes that people make with regard to data projects is thinking that once a model is built and goes live, it will continue working as normal indefinitely. With nexyo data hubs, you can use the stream of data to collaborate on new data project ideas.​

Data Ecosystems​

Open government for example is the governing doctrine which sustain that citizens have the right to access the data and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight.
To maintain data there should always be a central portal to access the free and open data. The issue of having a centralized portal with decentralized data is a perfect case for nexyo. We provide a virtual data hub for all the governmental entities and on this, a global portal to access the data is implemented.​

Data with an own identity​

In 1844 the first oil drilling permissions where invented by US government.
No landowner with oil in their backyard thought, that it was a good idea to keep the oil in the ground instead of extracting it. Why do we keep our data treasures in our data silos instead of jointly connecting them? The vision of nexyo is the usage of data as a resource that is more valuable than oil. Connecting the best sources from open and closed ecosystems together with innovative technology.​ Give every single dataset individuality and by this the chance to connect to each other and to create value.

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