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nexyo enables data ecosystems and contributes to the success of data-driven organizations by offering the simplest solution for data sharing possible. With our easy-to-use software, you connect your data outside your organization without losing sovereignty and build trusted networks with selected partnerships.

Connect and Share Data Easily​

nexyo supports you in building a cross-border data ecosystem by combining the most important aspects of data sharing outside your company: data management, data integration, and data contracting.


Get a full overview of your data by merging it virtually.


Keep the sovereignty of your data and control your assets​.


Create meaningful, trusted and individual data connections​.


Establish customized trust levels and monitor data relations​.

Connect Decentral Data Sources

Data itself is just bits and bytes. Information only results from combining various data sources. By connecting this information subsequently, you generate in-depth knowledge for your organization and enable the creation of new data-driven business models. nexyo gives you the power to connect these bits and bytes to a true treasure of knowledge that could grow your outcome. Accelerate new ideas and feed innovation to the edge. Start connecting your data without losing control of your data with nexyo data Hub and Ecosystem. Make even more out of it, and increase your data to a service.

Step by Step to Data Success

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Going ahead with nexyo is as simple as taking this first step. Start your journey with data governance as a first step towards becoming a data-driven organization. Just install the DataHub on-premise or in-cloud infrastructure, define your metadata scheme, assemble it and collaborate with other DataHubs in your environment, in the open world or create virtual network DataHubs. That way, you benefit from an easy way to connect your data and create a data economy​. No matter what industry you are from – start your data journey now! Just use it, combine or link it with other data.

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